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Bristol Croquet Club: Catering Policy

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Tea and Coffee

In the normal course of play at the club, tea, coffee and biscuits (and all other refreshments) are charged at the published prices, to all members and guests without distinction.

For Croquet England and SWF inter-club matches, tea, coffee and biscuits are offered free to all players and any facilitators (caterers, manager, etc.); before, during and after the match. If we provide cake at teatime, it is offered free to the same groups. The Club will reimburse the cost price of supplying these refreshments - please use an expense claim form). Guests and supporters are expected to pay in the normal way.

For our Croquet England Tournaments, all refreshments taken during the day are included in the entry fee. This covers not just tea, coffee and biscuits, but canned drinks, choc ices and cake, though we would look askance at excessive consumption. This deal is available to anyone on the day for a single charge of £3. Facilitators (caterers, managers, etc.) qualify for free tea, coffee and biscuits while on shift.

Winter activities (such as Scrabble) levy a charge of £2 a session on all participants, which covers coffee, tea, biscuits, and heating.

Separate arrangements apply to Group Hire, as per our Events Policy.


For SWF league and Croquet England national Inter-Club matches, no lunches are to be provided by the club and offers of lunches when playing away should be declined politely.

When lunch is provided (usually at Croquet England open tournaments) those wishing to eat lunch are charged £12 per lunch, collected when served if not before. Anyone wanting lunch must tell the Hospitality Coordinator at least three clear days beforehand (Croquet England's online entry system, TES, supports players' lunch requests).

Chefs should try to stay within budget and aim for a modest profit. Nevertheless, any purchases to provide the lunch are chargeable to the club (please use an expense claim form).

There is a good fish and chip shop on Druids Hill walkable from the club (order on 0117 329 0366) and an excellent one a short drive away in Church Road, Westbury-on-Trym (0117 950 8100)

For catered tournaments, the Hospitality Coordinator has well-defined duties

The manager of any event has a complimentary all-in deal, as does any official required to be there if not participating in play (e.g. a referee not playing in the tournament who has been asked by the Club to officiate).


The Club does not have a drinks licence. Reasonable amounts of alcohol may be consumed, but not sold, on club premises.


IOU's are not permitted - we operate a cash or card system. If not paying in cash, each member may transfer funds to the Club's bank account and add that amount to their refreshments index card in the clubhouse, writing each purchase on the card and keeping a running total - the card should always show a credit balance. Refer to the Tally System

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.