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How We Run Things

Committee Bristol Croquet Club is governed by a constitution: 'The Rules of Bristol Croquet Club', which has been developed by successive General Meetings. It empowers the Committee to manage the affairs of the Club:

The Committee is elected annually at the AGM, which is normally held in early March each year. To write to the Committee, please send an email to the Secretary (details at the foot of every page).

Any member of the Committee would be very happy to hear your views and suggestions at any time (within reason!) and an e-newsletter is circulated several times a year to keep you in touch with what's going on.

Minutes of Committee meetings are normally posted in the clubhouse and will be sent on request to any member (either as a one-off or routinely). They are not posted online because they sometimes contain sensitive financial information or can be of a personal nature.

The Committee maintains a capital projects inventory that is available online.

The Club's financial year runs from 1st November to 31st October, but the Membership year runs from AGM to AGM. The AGM is well attended and an opportunity to review the past year, listen to the plans for the coming year, meet and question the Committee; for which, volunteers are more than welcome!

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Main Committee and Club Officers

Dave Kibble Dave Kibble, Chair

Chris Frew Chris Frew, Secretary

Bob Whiffen Bob Whiffen, Treasurer

Mike Salisbury Mike Salisbury, Grounds Maintenance

Linda Shaw Linda Shaw, Membership Secretary

Roger Jenkins Roger Jenkins, Fixtures Secretary & Deputy Chair

Ann Fraser Ann Fraser, Member

Peter Kirby Peter Kirby, Club Competitions

Neil Purchase Neil Purchase

Wayne Wiseman Wayne Wiseman, Equipment Manager

Coaching Team

Organisers: Bob Whiffen (AC) & David Enticknap (GC).

Coaches: Deirdre Duggan, Pat Jackson, Richard Jackson, Rashid Joomun, Dave Kibble, Roger Mills, Frances Ransom, Ray Ransom, Linda Shaw, Eric Soakell, Bob Whiffen.

Group coaching sessions are organised throughout the season but please feel free to contact any of the coaches for individual help with your game. See the Club Guide Coaching section.

Handicap Committees

Association Croquet (incl. Short Croquet)

Marian Hilton, Pat Jackson, Ray Ransom (Chair).

Golf Croquet

David Enticknap, Sally Green (Chair), Ray Ransom.

Please refer to the Club Guide Handicapping section.

Club Competition/Tournament Managers

Latham Cup: Bob Scott

Barbara Evans Trophy: Bob Whiffen

John McCullough Challenge Trophy: Robert Wilkinson

Short Croquet: Eric Soakell

High Handicappers’ (16-24) Tournament: Mike Chan and Bob Whiffen

One-Ball Charity Event: Bob Whiffen

Internal Competitions: Peter Kirby

Inter-Club Team Managers

We have a procedure for selecting team members: please don't wait to be asked - put yourself forward to the appropriate team managers, who will include you in their plans for team development and matches.

The Club offsets some of the cost of playing matches.

SWF Competitions Team Managers

Parkstone Trophy, Bristol A (Division 1): David Goacher

Parkstone Trophy, Bristol B (Division 2): Martin Leach

Parkstone Trophy, Bristol C (Division 3 North): Anthony Rackham

Federation (Handicap 14 and below): Bob Whiffen

Intermediate (Handicap 9 to 18): Chris Frew

'B' League (Handicap 16 to 24): Ann Fraser

Short Croquet, Central Division: Eric Soakell

Short Croquet, North Division: Margo Soakell

Level Golf League: David Goacher

Handicap Golf League: Vicky Stocks

National (CA) Inter-Club Team Managers

Inter-Club Championship: David Goacher

Mary Rose: Martin Leach

Longman Cup: Mike Salisbury

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.