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How We Run Things

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Committee Bristol Croquet Club is governed by its 'Constitution', which empowers the Committee to manage the affairs of the Club:

The Constitution is supported by a number of policies:

The Committee is elected annually at the AGM, which is normally held in early March each year. To write to the Committee, please send an email to the Secretary (details at the foot of every page) but any member of the Committee would be very happy to hear your views and suggestions at any time (within reason!) and an e-newsletter is circulated several times a year to keep you in touch with what's going on.

The myriad tasks that keep our club running are undertaken by volunteers and coordinators, most of which is documented in the Role Descriptions to help us keep track. Please step forward and offer your time and expertise to help out in any role, even if someone else is already doing the one thing you would be happy to do. Speak to the coordinator or any committee member. Your club needs you!

Minutes of Committee meetings are normally posted in the clubhouse and will be sent on request to any member (either as a one-off or routinely). They are not posted online because they sometimes contain sensitive financial information or can be of a personal nature.

The Committee maintains a capital projects inventory, which is available from the treasurer on request.

The Club's financial year runs from 1st November to 31st October, but the Membership year runs to 28 February. The AGM is well attended and is an opportunity to review the past year, listen to the plans for the coming year, meet and question the Committee; for which volunteers are more than welcome!

We bank with HSBC as Bristol Croquet Club, Sort Code 40-17-32, Account 01067052.

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Main Committee and Club Officers

Martin Leach Martin Leach

Chris Frew Chris Frew

Neil Kingston Neil Kingston

Dom Aarvold Dom Aarvold
Grounds Secretary

Linda Shaw Linda Shaw
Membership Secretary

Jane Cursiter Jane Cursiter

Geoff Barrett Geoff Barrett

Dave Kibble Dave Kibble
Match Secretary

Phil Seymour Phil Seymour
Clubhouse Maintenance Coordinator

Eric Soakell Eric Soakell

See also the Role Descriptions section for the many volunteers who get things organised and their responsibilities.

Committee Meetings Business

March: Annual General Meeting.

March: Elect Deputy Chair. Action decisions made at the AGM. Plan Early-Season Tournaments and Events. Agree travelling and lunch allowances. Review H&S and General Risk Assessment policies.

May: Review Open Day and Beginners Coaching. Make development plan for each Beginners Coaching Course graduate. Review Early-Season Tournaments and Events. Plan Mid-Season Tournaments and Events. Review the Handicap Committee report.

July: Review Mid-Season Tournaments and Events. Plan for Late-Season Tournaments and Events.

September: Review Late-Season Tournaments and Events. Plan Finals Weekend and End of Season Events. Agree our delegates and any proposals for SWF AGM. Review plan for Lawns during the off-season. Agree level of Membership Fees for the coming year. Plan Winter activity programme.

November: Invite Club Competition Manager for review of Club competitions. Review current year-end accounts and draft budget for following year. Review other clubs' proposals for SWF AGM. Fix all dates for coming season, including Work days, Lawn opening and closing dates, and Finals weekend. Agree number of teams for SWF leagues. Review Handicap Committee report.

November: SWF AGM

January: Plan Annual General Meeting, including Committee nominations. Review Programme for distribution at AGM. Agree Tournament fees, Green fees and Drinks and Snacks prices for following year. Review number of paid-up members, and determine optimum recruitment needs from Open Day. Plan Open Day. Agree Managers and organisers for tournaments, league teams and the various events. Agree lawn allocation slots for AC/GC club sessions.


Susan King Local Safeguarding Officer: Susan King 07791 859684

See the Club Guide Safeguarding section.


The club's trustees are: Dave Kibble and Mike Salisbury. See the constitution for their role.

Coaching Team

Bob Whiffen Bob Whiffen
AC Coaching Coordinator

David Enticknap David Enticknap
GC Coaching Coordinator

Coaches: David Enticknap, Pat Jackson, Richard Jackson, Dave Kibble, Frances Ransom, Ray Ransom, Linda Shaw, Eric Soakell, Bob Whiffen.

Group coaching sessions are organised throughout the season but please feel free to contact any of the coaches for individual help with your game. See the Club Guide Coaching section.

See what the Coaching Coordinators' responsibilities.

Handicap Committees

For information about handicapping, please refer to the Club Guide Handicapping section.

Association Croquet (incl. Short Croquet) Handicap Committee

Ray Ransom (Chair), Richard Williamson, Vacancy.

Golf Croquet Handicap Committee

David Enticknap, Sally Green (Chair), Ray Ransom.

Club Competition/Tournament Managers

Internal Competitions: Andrew Wise

Latham Cup: Linda Shaw

Barbara Evans Trophy: Bob Whiffen

John McCullough Challenge Trophy: David Goacher

One-Ball Charity Event: Kathy Wallace

Inter-Club Team Managers

For the role description and selection policy, see the Team Managers' role. Drivers: see how to claim mileage costs.

SWF Competitions Team Managers

See swfcroquet.org.uk for league rules, match dates and results.

National (Croquet England) Inter-Club Team Managers

See croquet.org.uk for competition details and rules.

Bye-Laws and Local Variations to Croquet Rules and Laws

  1. GC start: Each ball is initially played from a position on the court within 1 yard of the East boundary more than one yard North of corner IV and South of the East penalty area.
    • This applies to all GC friendly, club sessions, and club competition games played throughout the year.
    • This bye-law is in accordance with Rule 5.2.1 Each ball is initially played from the start area.















For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.