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Bristol Croquet Club: Club Roles

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Much of the work that keeps the club running well is done by members - we could not offer such excellent facilities and atmosphere in any other way. This section explains all of the major roles and the tasks associated with them as they are currently undertaken.

If you would like to help with any of these, or if you have any suggestions for developing them, please contact the current post-holder or a Committee member.

As volunteers, we work as valued members of a skilled and enthusiastic team and respect that everyone else is doing the same.

All the work undertaken is to ensure that croquet continues to be played in a safe, friendly and cooperative manner.

Note that most volunteers are not required to be Committee members, but if not on the Committee, they work closely with and report to the Committee, usually with a brief written annual report.

Please help to keep this page up to date: if you are here to find out who is responsible for something and fail, please say; if you are an organiser and something you do isn't listed here, please say so that the next person to fill the role knows about it.


Membership and Sustenance


Grounds and Equipment


The Committee

The essential responsibilities of The Committee are set out in our Constitution

Details of the current post holders may be found on the website.

Committee members will




This is a Committee position and the Secretary is a Club Officer.

The principal duty of the Club Secretary is to ensure that the Club is managed in accord with the provisions of its Constitution, its wider affiliations, its contractual obligations and the law.

To do this, the Secretary must:

Grounds Secretary

All contact with contractors for lawns maintenance, hedges and surrounds will be through the Grounds Secretary.



Membership Secretary


This is a Committee position and the Treasurer is a Club Officer.

Examiner of Accounts

Independent examination is a 'light touch' scrutiny and is not an audit. The Examiner must not be involved in the day-to-day management of financial accounts or the presentation of monthly financial status reports to the Committee. There is no legal requirement for an unincorporated CASC to file end-of-year financial accounts.


This is a Committee position and the Chair is a Club Officer.

Deputy Chair

This is a role undertaken by a Committee member.

Match Secretary

Club Competitions Manager

A detailed task list for the Club Competitions Manager is maintained separately.

Competition Chasers

One Chaser is appointed by the Club Competitions Manager for each competition, normally being one of the players in that competition.

Working closely with the Competitions Manager to ensure the smooth running and completion of each competition their role is to:

Handicapping Committees

See also the list of current handicappers.

Team Managers

See the list of Team Managers.

The Club is keen to develop its players and for them to take part in team matches. It also wants to improve the results achieved by its teams in inter-club competitions.

The Match Secretary makes entries into the SWF Leagues and organises the programme of SWF League matches at the start of the season, setting the dates for all matches. The Team Manager may reschedule any match by agreement with the opposing team.

For Croquet England Inter-Club events, the Team Manager is wholly responsible for organising the matches.

Please keep the Match Secretary informed and lawn bookings updated.

Team Selection Policy and Procedure

The club aims to enter as many team into each league as it can reasonable sustain in order to give all members an opportunity to represent the club competitively. Team squads are also a platform for developing members' playing and team skills.

Coaching Coordinator

See the Club Guide Coaching section.

Tournament Managers

Club Event Managers

Clubhouse Maintenance Coordinator

All contact with clubhouse maintenance contractors normally will be through the Clubhouse Maintenance Coordinator.

Hospitality Coordinator

Please refer also to the Club Catering Policy

Social Events Coordinator


Playing Equipment Coordinator

Responsible for the storage, condition and availability of the club's playing and lawn-setting equipment:

Hoop Setting Coordinator

Working closely with the Grounds Secretary and Club Event Managers, responsible for:

White Lining Coordinator

Working closely with the Grounds Secretary and Club Event Managers, responsible for


Child Safeguarding

See the Club Guide Safeguarding section.

Court Booking Administrator

Systems Manager

Data Controller


Other Club Activities

These activities are open to all club members (including social members), please contact the nominated organiser.

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.