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Informal Competitions at Bristol Croquet Club

A number of semi-informal competitions are underway - please contact the relevant organiser if you want to join in. The idea is to give a competitive edge to our otherwise friendly games, pending revival of formal Club competitions. No one should feel compelled to play but all are welcome.

Please make sure you know the COVID rules.

Contact details for the organisers are in the membership list.

Handicap Association Croquet (12+)

Organiser: Bob Whiffen (contact details in membership list).

There will be a bottle of wine as a prize for the winner and something for the runner-up.


The organiser will let players know what the league table looks like after a couple of weeks.

Just to confirm, there is no need to register in this competition, just let the organiser know the winner after each game.

Short Croquet (Handicap)

Organiser: Chris Frew (contact details in membership list).

Game Format

Handicap Golf Croquet (all)

Organiser: Stephen Royal (contact details in membership list).

Game Format

B-Level Handicap-Advanced AC League (0-8 handicap)

Organiser: Andrew Wise (contact details in membership list).

When the competition finishes a prize will be awarded. This prize may well be a bottle, though unfortunately there can be no guarantee of its contents, if any.


C-Level Advanced-play AC (7-14)

Organiser: Mike Salisbury (contact details in membership list).

Game Format

One-ball Handicap League (all)

Organiser: Andrew Wise (contact details in membership list).

Game Format

Egyptian League Scoring System

In a handicap event, each player is allocated an initial rating of 200.

In a level-play event, initial ratings are allocated according to the player's handicap at the start of the event:

H'cap: Rating
-2: 220
-1.5: 215
-1: 210
-0.5: 205
0: 200
0.5: 195
1: 190
1.5: 185
2: 180
2.5: 175
3: 170
3.5: 165
4: 160
4.5: 155
5: 150
5.5: 145
6: 140
6.5: 135
7: 130
7.5: 125
8: 120
9: 115
10: 110
11: 105
12: 100
13: 95
14: 90
15: 85
16: 80
17: 75
18: 70
19: 65
20: 60

Players may play anyone in the event and as many times as they wish.

When a game is won, each player's rating is adjusted according to the result and the difference in the players' ratings at the start of the game. The adjustments are shown in the table below; in each case the winner's rating goes up and the loser's rating goes down:

Rating Difference Higher Rated Player Lower Rated Player
0 - 5+5-5+5-5
6 - 16+4-6+6-4
17 - 27+3-7+7-3
28 - 38+2-8+8-2

The winner/winners of the event are those improving their initial rating the most - and at the same time having played at least the minimum number of games.

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.