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About Us

Bristol Croquet Club celebrated its centenary in 1997. It enjoys an excellent reputation as a leading club in the country and has a number of national and international players, as well as lots of members who just enjoy playing the game at the club. It has grown from very small beginnings until it now has a membership (players and non-players) of around 120. It is a very friendly club.

Facilities - The club has three full-size courts, one of which is laid out as two half-size courts for the early part of the season (making it much easier for beginners and improvers). The clubhouse has a clubroom, changing rooms, toilets and kitchen facilities with supplies of drinks and snacks. There is limited parking space (at your own risk) within the grounds and plenty of adjacent on-street parking.

The Season - The main playing season runs from late March until late September. Your membership fee covers unlimited use of the courts, which are to be booked before play. Court sessions are morning, afternoon and evening, and can be booked on-line. The Club takes part in a large number of South West Federation League matches and organises Club competitions for all its members. There are also open tournaments for Croquet Association members.

Coaching - Courses for Beginners (£50) are usually organised in late April and May, and are followed by various events to welcome new members. Coaching courses for non-beginners are also arranged.

Club Sessions - There are usually four club sessions each week: members just turn up and are allocated to a game. These sessions are particularly useful for beginners or new members, enabling them to meet and play with other members and obtain practice, help and advice on their game. All these sessions are in the programme and are displayed on the club notice board.

Equipment - Sets of balls and mallets are kept in the clubhouse. Club mallets are available for use during the first year of membership and for visitors and prospective members.

What to Wear - Footwear with soft, flat soles must be worn at all times to prevent damage to the courts (no heels or sharp edges - most trainers are fine). Members wear casual clothes for most occasions, but 'whites' are worn for tournaments and matches. Play does not stop for rain or cold so warm protective clothing may be necessary.

Other Activities - Several social events take place during the season - details in the programme and on the club notice board. During the winter, when our three courts cannot be used, we have other activities including table tennis, scrabble and bridge.

Read more in A Short History of Bristol Croquet Club and how the club survived the war.

Committee, Officers and Organisers

Main Committee and Club Officers

ChairmanDave Kibble
Deputy ChairmanRoger Jenkins
Secretary Chris Frew
TreasurerBob Whiffen
Grounds SecretaryMike Salisbury
Match SecretaryRoger Jenkins
Membership SecretaryLinda Shaw
Other Committee membersDerek Stanley, Wayne Wiseman, David Enticknap, Vicky Stocks

All contacts may be found in the online CA Database club details

Coaching Group

Organisers: Bob Whiffen (AC) & David Enticknap (GC).

Coaches: Deirdre Duggan, Pat Jackson, Richard Jackson, Rashid Joomun, Dave Kibble, Roger Mills, Frances Ransom, Ray Ransom, Linda Shaw, Eric Soakell, Pete Trimmer, Bob Whiffen.

Group coaching sessions are organised throughout the season but please feel free to contact any of the coaches for individual help with your game.

Handicap Committees

The handicap committees:
  1. Carry out the role of Club Handicapper, as defined by the CA.
  2. Ensure that handicapping is taken seriously in the club, including suggesting any necessary changes to the club's competitions so that there is sufficient opportunity for every member to have a properly maintained handicap.
  3. Decide the most improved player in the club each year.
The chair of each committee (who is the club's primary contact for the CA & SWF on handicap matters) reports to the main committee twice a year on handicapping in the club.

Association Croquet

Marian Hilton, Pat Jackson, Ray Ransom (Chair).

Golf Croquet

David Enticknap, Sally Green (Chair), Ray Ransom.

See Member Information to download a handicap card.

Club Competition/Tournament Managers

Latham CupBob Scott
Barbara Evans TrophyBob Whiffen
John McCullough Challenge TrophyRobert Wilkinson
Short CroquetEric Soakell
High Handicappers’ (16-24) TournamentMike Chan and Bob Whiffen
One-Ball Charity EventBob Whiffen
Internal CompetitionsDavid Goacher

See also Inter-Club Team Managers.

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.