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Bristol Croquet Club and Inter-Club Teams

The Club is keen to develop its players, and to encourage club members to take part in team matches - don't be shy - that means you too!

We want to support and improve the results achieved by our club’s teams in inter-club competitions. The Club offsets some of the cost of playing matches.

Please don't wait to be asked - put yourself forward to the appropriate team managers, who will include you in their plans for team development and matches.

Bristol Croquet Club Charter for Team Managers

In support of the above ambition, the Committee has drawn up a Charter to provide consistent guidance for all of our Managers and players:
  1. Team Managers are to be familiar with the relevant League/Competition/Tournament rules applicable to their team, and are to brief appointed match Captains and players as appropriate.
    • For home fixtures, Team Managers are responsible for booking lawns, arranging hoop setting and white lining, arranging hospitality for visiting teams, and collecting cost contributions and the Club subsidy
    • For away fixtures, Managers should co-ordinate transport
  2. Team Managers should establish a squad (typically a few more players than in a full team) by identifying and recruiting players of a suitable handicap from which their team will normally be selected.

    Individuals are encouraged to make sure that the relevant Team Managers know if they want to be a squad member.

    Managers should be aware of rules that may restrict players moving from one team to another, and discuss squad formations with other Team Managers who may have joint interests in particular players.

    Once established, the Match Secretary is to be informed of the squad membership, and of any changes that occur during the season.

  3. At the start of the season, Team Managers should establish the availability of everybody in their squad for all of the matches due to be played, and then announce team selections (including reserves) for each match as soon as possible to facilitate advance diary commitments. The Team Manager must appoint a Team Captain for each fixture if not themselves.
  4. In order to be fair and inclusive about selection, as far as possible all members of a squad should be selected for at least one if not two matches in a season, depending on the number of matches scheduled. The team need not always consist of the best players available for the match; a match against a weaker team is an opportunity to give experience to, and develop, our improving players.
  5. Team Managers should promote ‘esprit de squad’ and actively seek to improve playing standards by holding joint training, coaching and competitive play sessions for their squad. Results and “lessons learned” from matches played recently should feature in these sessions. The Coaching Committee will provide support for squad sessions on request.
  6. Squad nominations and match results are to be forwarded in accordance with league rules. Match results and, ideally, a brief report are also to be sent to squad players, the Club Chair and Match Secretary for wider dissemination within the Club.

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.