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After completing a beginners' course, you will be invited to join the club at a reduced rate for the first year. Membership of the club allows you to book a court and play at a time to suit you, to come to club afternoons or evenings when you will be allocated a court and a singles or doubles game, and to use a club mallet for the first year. There are no extra fees.


Beginners' Course £50

Full Standard Membership £195

Country Member* £75 (over 30 miles)

Student Member £52 (full time study)

Junior Member £36 (under 18)

Social Member £20

Subscriptions may be paid in four equal installments. Please contact the treasurer if you wish to pay by this method. A discount is offered if subscriptions are paid by 31st December i.e. before the season stars. Joining from a beginners course you pay 2/3rds of the Full Standard subscription.

*Country members: A person living at least thirty miles from Cedar Park may join as a country member at the reduced fee, and this privilege is extended at the Committee's discretion to people living at least ten miles from the club who are full Croquet Association members of another croquet club and have nominated that club as their main club.

How to Book a Court

On the table in the clubhouse, there is a book for court bookings. You may not book a court on a club afternoon or evening but all other times are available. You may book a court, or a half court, for a morning, afternoon, or evening session, simply by entering your name in the relevant place.

How to play a 14 point game

Club Rules

Club Etiquette


For more information, please contact Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.