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Bristol Croquet Club Programme

Updated 31 October 2021 - Please refresh your browser cache to ensure you are looking at the latest version.

Club Sessions

Club sessions happen each week unless an event or home match (H) is scheduled to replace it - please refer to the programme below.

Club afternoons run 1-4pm when the clocks go back and BST ends.


13 AGM (10.30am)
29/30 Work Days
31 Club Opens


24 Inter-Club Final At Blewbury Bristol vs. Surbiton


23 Parkstone Trophy 1 vs. Nailsea A (A)


13 Parkstone Trophy 1 vs. East Dorset (H)
20 Short Croquet Bristol A vs. Bristol B (H)
26 Summer Fun Event At 4pm - moved to July 25
27 Intermediate vs. Kington Langley (H)
27 Federation vs. Glamorgan (A)
29 Parkstone Trophy 3 vs. Cheltenham B (H)


1 Short Croquet A vs. Llandaff (H)
3 Parkstone Trophy 2 vs. Glamorgan (H)
3 Handicap Golf vs. Nailsea (A)
6 Handicap Golf vs. Glamorgan (H)
8 Short Croquet B vs. Llandaff (A)
10 Short Croquet A vs. Kington Langley (A)
10 Federation vs. Nailsea (A)
17 Advanced Level Weekend (CA)
18 Advanced Level Weekend (CA)
20 Federation vs. Bath (H)
21 Level Golf vs. Glamorgan (A)
22 Parkstone Trophy 3 vs. Cheltenham B (A)
24 AC National Inter-Club vs High Wycombe (H)
25 Summer Fun Event At 4pm
25 Parkstone Trophy 2 vs. Cheltenham A (A)
29 Parkstone Trophy 3 vs. Nailsea B (A)
31 Short Croquet B vs. Kington Langley (H)


3 Level Golf vs. Cheltenham (A)
4 Intermediate vs. Worcester (A)
5 Short Croquet A vs. Nailsea (A)
7 Level Golf vs. Nailsea (H)
8 Parkstone Trophy 2 vs. Bath (H)
8 Short Croquet B vs. Nailsea (H)
13 Handicap Golf vs. Swindon (H)
15 Social and American Supper at 4pm
15 Parkstone Trophy 1 vs. Sidmouth (A)
19 Parkstone Trophy 3 vs. Nailsea B (H)
21 B-Level Weekend (CA)
22 B-Level Weekend (CA)
24 Intermediate vs. Bath (H)


2 High-Handicap(16-24) AC Day (SWF)
3 High-Handicap(8-16) GC Day (SWF)
5 Parkstone Trophy 1 vs. Taunton Deane(H)
18 Handicap Weekend (CA)
19 Handicap Weekend (CA)
25 Club Finals Weekend
26 Club Finals Weekend
29 All Lawns Closed


(All Lawns Closed)
9 Two Lawns Reopen


20 End of Season Lunch

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.