spectating a game ball rack


Members can book a court by using the online Google Sheets Diary Booking System (DBS) and and may play in any of the club's competitions. Make sure you know the COVID-secure rules.

You cannot book a court during scheduled maintenance, on a club afternoon or evening, nor if a match or tournament is scheduled on that day - all other times are available.

You may book a court (or a half-court when available) by entering your name and your opponent's name (if not individual practice) in the spreadsheet.

Courts can be booked for up to three hours by filling-in the appropriate number of cells (merge them if you wish) - if you have any problems please contact Ray.

The diary also provides links to match results and other information.

To use the booking system, you will need a Google account - they are free and it's easy to create a Google account. Armed with your Google account email address, notify Ray Ransom who will enable your access to the club's system.

Other Member Information

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.