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Membership Matters at Bristol Croquet Club

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Information About Membership and Fees


We welcome applications for membership from anyone who

If you don't have a croquet handicap, or it's a distant memory, please go to the try croquet page. To apply for membership, just contact our Secretary.

Applications for membership will be managed on a 'first come, first served' basis and may be subject to the following considerations by the Committee

Classes of Membership

The following classes of membership are available:

Croquet-Playing Members

Full*1Bristol is their Primary Club
AssociateAnother club is their Primary Club
Under 25*2Aged 10-24 on 1st March of the membership year and Bristol is their Primary Club
Under 25 [2nd club]Aged 10-24 on 1st March of the membership year and another club is their Primary Club
Honorary Playing*1By special arrangement *3
Life Playing*1By special arrangement *3

Other Members

Retired Playing MemberFormer croquet-playing member
SocialBy invitation only
HonoraryBy special arrangement *3
LifeBy special arrangement *3

Capitation is an annual fee paid to Croquet England (croquet's governing body) for each playing member as follows:

*1 Full capitation fee applies
*2 Under-25 capitation fee applies

*3 Refer to the Constitution for Honorary and Life members.

Members for whom the club pays a capitation fee have automatic free affiliation to Croquet England and are eligible to register to vote on matters in the governing body.

Conditions of Membership

Every Member of Bristol Croquet Club is deemed to have been informed of and undertaken to comply with the rules and guidance published on the Club's website in the Club Guide or otherwise communicated to members.

Bristol Croquet Club is run by volunteers and every member is encouraged to play an active role in this - anything from making a cake, catering for an event, to lawns and property maintenance, coaching, playing for the club, or serving on the Committee.

Benefits of Membership

All Members

Croquet-Playing Members

In addition, Croquet-Playing and Life Members may:

Exclusion of Liability

The Club accepts no liability for any loss or damage to any property occurring, from whatever cause, in or about the Club's lawns or other premises.

Fees 2024

The membership year runs from 1st March and annual subscriptions must be paid before this date. Members will be invited to renew their membership by 31st December to benefit from an 'EarlyBird' subscription rate. New members will be welcome to join the club at any time and will be offered a proportionally reduced subscription fee if joining after the start of the season.

Membership of the club entitles you to participate in all activities, such as Scrabble, table tennis and coffee mornings. A small fee may be charged for some social events to cover the cost of refreshments and heating.

Membership Class Fee
Up to 15 miles by road 16-75 miles by road Over 75 miles by road
Full EBD* Full EBD* Full EBD*
Full £268 £235 £134 £118 £91 £80
Associate £134 £118 £91 £80 £67 £59
Under 25 £37
Under 25 [2nd club] £37
Retired Playing Member £5
Social £37

*EBD: Early Bird Discount offered to existing members who renew their membership by 31st December of the preceding membership year.

Beginners' Course: £75

See also the Expenses Policy and the Guests and Group Events Policy.

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.