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Behaviour Matters at Bristol Croquet Club

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Information About Behaviour Incorporating our Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures


We aim to run a friendly, well-managed club but are well aware that things don't always go to plan, and members need to know what they can do if things go wrong.


If you have ideas for improving the club, the Committee would love to hear from you. You may contact any Committee member, who will ensure your suggestion is considered, and you will receive a reply shortly after the following committee meeting.


All members are responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of playing equipment and other property. Loss or damage to club property must be reported to the Committee. Misuse of the Club's property will not be tolerated.

Every Member of Bristol Croquet Club will be informed of the Club's rules and guidance, and is deemed to have agreed to comply with them. Any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct at any time that, in the opinion of the Committee, is either unworthy of a member or injurious to the Club's interest, shall render a Member liable to disciplinary action, which may include expulsion or non-renewal of membership.

Any Member of the Committee may intervene to resolve such a situation and may, if necessary, require a Member, or Members to withdraw from the Club premises for the remainder of the day. The incident will be reported to the Committee within 24 hours of its occurrence.


We should remember that most complaints warrant only informal 'friendly advice' to the party concerned.

If you are not happy with the behaviour of another member of the club and you feel unable to address that person directly, you should contact in the first instance a member of the Committee. All discussions will be recorded in writing

The Committee member will discuss the circumstances with you and report back to the Committee, which reserves the right to seek the view of the subject of your complaint. This will only be done with your permission. You should note that if you do not give such permission, the ability of the Committee to carry out any appropriate response may be significantly restricted.

The Committee will always endeavour to respond constructively and appropriately to complaints. Within 10 days of a complaint being received, the Committee will appoint a club member to investigate it and try to resolve it amicably through discussion with the complainant, complainee and any other relevant parties. From this point, discussions will be recorded in writing.

Note that complaints about the Committee as a whole can be addressed to an SGM if unresolved through correspondence with the Secretary.

Formal Disciplinary Procedures

If the matter is not so resolved or any party, including the investigator, is not satisfied with the outcome the committee should be informed and within 10 clear days the Committee will appoint a Panel of three club members to investigate the complaint.

This will formally take submissions from the complainant, and any relevant others, and will decide on a resolution, which may include any sanction within the Club's Constitution that the Panel decides.

Any Member considered by the Committee to have behaved to the Club's prejudice shall be warned by a Committee Member or, if sufficiently serious, may be suspended or expelled. The decision shall be confirmed in writing within seven days.


An appeal against the Panel's decision may be made by calling an SGM within 60 days of the written decision.

The Member is allowed to address the Meeting before the vote is taken and a Proposal to set aside the Panel's decision must be carried by at least four-fifths of the votes cast.

The SGM's decision is final.

However, if a Member is expelled, they may appeal within 14 days of the SGM by using the sport's Governing Body's appropriate procedure.

On expulsion, any subscription for that year paid by that Member shall be returned pro rata.


Confidential records of discussions and decisions will be made, circulated to involved parties and kept but destroyed after two years if there are no further incidents involving the same parties.

Most complaints warrant only informal 'friendly advice' to the party concerned.

Agreed by Committee February 2023 To be reviewed December 2025

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.