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Bristol Croquet Club: Honours Board

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bisques See the Roll of Honour for a list of competition results (and trophies) for the most recent season.


Most Improved Player

The Merrett Trophy

1984Frances Ransom
1985Chris Gerrard
1986Alvar Bray (S)
1987Edward Duckworth (J)
1988Alvar Bray
1989Nicola Currie (J)
1990Ben Green (J)
1991Paul Scott (S)
1992David Farrimond (S)
1993Nigel Mottram (S)
1994Nigel Mottram (S)
1995Edward Duckworth
1996Naomi Green
1997Margaret Pena
1998Roger Jenkins
1999George Green
2000Edward Huxley
2001Mary Hayes
2002Simon Preston
2003Meriel Ellerby
2004Edward Huxley
2005Lawrie Webster
2006Mary Webster
2007John Wells
2008Richard Williamson
2009Andrew Wise
2010Wayne Wiseman
2011Andrew Wise
2012Eric Soakell
2013Wayne Wiseman
2014Wayne Wiseman
2015Pam Jenkins
2016Bob Whiffen
2017Martin Leach
2018Richard Smith
2019Dom Aarvold
2020Brian Bassett
2021Neil Kingston
2022Peter Schillo

Class Events: AC Advanced B-Level

Handicaps: 1990-1997 1½-6, 1998-2014 2-9, 2015- 1-8

Winner: Jug with lid and coaster, Runner up: Small bowl

WinnerRunner Up
1990Roger JenkinsRosemary Gugan
1991Edward DuckworthBen Green(J)
1992Frances RansomRosemary Gugan
1993Roger JenkinsBen Green(J)
1994Nigel MottramRosemary Gugan
1995Frances RansomRosemary Gugan
1996Ron FaulknerRosemary Gugan
1997Rosemary GuganAndrew Potter
1998Bob ScottSally Green
1999Frances RansomBob Scott
2000Frances RansomBob Scott
2001Marian HiltonEdward Huxley
2002Rosemary GuganMarian Hilton
2003Marian HiltonRosemary Gugan
2004Edward HuxleyPeter Willoughby
2005Frances RansomRon Faulkner
2006Frances RansomMargaret Peña
2007Marian HiltonFrances Ransom
2008Marian HiltonFrances Ransom
2009Marian HiltonFrances Ransom
2010Rosemary GuganLisa Jones
2011Rosemary GuganMarian Hilton
2012Eric SoakellRosemary Gugan
2013Andrew WiseRosemary Gugan
2014Andrew WiseWayne Wiseman
2015John WellsBob Scott
2016Eric SoakellRichard Williamson
2017Martin LeachWayne Wiseman
2018Wayne WisemanBob Scott
2019Wayne WisemanAndrew Wise
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Neil KingstonAndrew Wise
2022Eric SoakellMartin Leach

Beginners (AC)

1981-1995 'Rabbits', 1996- 'Beginners'

Winner: Tankard, Runner up: Small pot with lid

WinnerRunner Up
1981Rosemary GuganDonald Gugan
1982Roger JenkinsMark Suter (J)
1983David GillettMartyn Gingell
1984Tony SammonsBetty Tribe
1985Edward Duckworth (J)Roger Sampson
1986Michael RogersMargaret Pena
1987Alan EvansSimon Dicken (J)
1988Roy Eynon-LewisBen Green (J)
1989Sally GreenLinda Currie (J)
1990Richard Farrimond (J)Andrew Farrimond (J)
1991Ron FaulknerMargaret Matthews
1992Jack FursemanAlisdhair Buchanan
1993Stan GodsellJeff Cabrie
1994Richard EverettPaul Young
1995Hugh GilbertDick Thorpe
1996Matt CrookJohn Flower(S)
1997Ian McCormick-SmithAnthony Camacho
1998Jill HathawayRonald McMillan
1999Simon PrestonBetty Cornes Tomkins
2000Brian BassettJim Wilson
2001Judy MortonStephen Marriage
2002Eric SoakellSpencer Hall
2003Rashid JoomunLaurie Webster
2004Jeremy HooperHarold Eckert
2005Mike WatsonDavid Brown
2006Mike SalisburySue Mifsud
2007Paul FlayDavid Rowe
2008Nigel JethaRichard Silverman
2009Wayne WisemanChris Frew
2010Andy McIndoePat Whiffen
2011Paul ChurchSue Freathy
2012Not Played
2013Mick BrownDerek Stanley
2014Not Played
2015Not Played
2016Not Played
2017Ed MorrisGillian Hutchinson
2018Simon King
2019Peter Kirby & Tim Minchin (jt.)
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Jane CursiterPaul Wilson
2022Not Played

Class Events: AC Advanced C-Level

Winner: Jill's jug, Runner up: The MonteRAY Cup

The MonteRAY Cup: Ray Ransom repaired an otherwise unused cup and made a base from the Monterey Cypress, cut down in 2019.

WinnerRunner Up
2015Margo SoakellMike Salisbury
2016Margo SoakellBob Whiffen
2017Meriel EllerbyMargo Soakell
2018Margo SoakellMike Salisbury
2019Margo SoakellMike Salisbury
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Margo SoakellNeil Kingston
2022Bob WhiffenMike Salisbury

GC Handicap Doubles

Winner: Two silver sherry glasses, Runner up: Gordon Yeoman cup and small silver cup

WinnersRunners Up
2019Shiela Beecroft & Mike ChanJohn Phillips & Martin Leach
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Linda Shaw & Dave KibblePat Whiffen & Mike Chan
2021Peter Schillo & Wayne WisemanJill Hathaway & Eric Soakell

GC Monday Cup


2016Sally Green
2017Paul Church
2018Pat Whiffen
2019David Enticknap
2020Not Awarded
2021Not Awarded
2022Not Awarded

GC Handicap Singles

Winner: The M & J Phillips Cup, Runner up: Silver egg cup

WinnerRunner Up
1950Mrs P Cook
1951Mr G Yeoman
1952Dr G L Ormerod
1955Not completed-
1956Not completed-
1957Miss L Newman
1958Mr C G Rich
1959Mr W P Ormerod
1960Mr C Brent-Smith
1961Mrs M Brent-Smith
1962Mr C Brent-Smith
1963Miss L Newman
1965No competition-
1966No competition-
1967No competition-
1968Miss J Beveridge
1969Miss J Beveridge
1970Mrs Leach
1971Mrs M Kitchen
1972Mr C Snowdon
1973Mrs M Wright
1974Mr L Latham
1975Mrs M Wright
1976Mrs M Kitchen
1977Mrs S Scarr
1978Mr J R McCullough
1979Mrs M Scott
1980Sylvia Whitby
1981Rosemary Gugan
1982Rosemary Gugan
1983Donald Gugan
1984Tony Sammons
1985Ann Sammons
1986Edward Duckworth (J)
1987Bruce Bleach
1988Martin Ansell
1989Martin Ansell
1990Martin Ansell
1991Paul Scott
1992Paul Scott
1993Alan Evans
1994Jane Bradbury
1995Marian Hilton
1996Stephen Royal
1997Stephen Royal
1998Keith Marsh
1999Marian Hilton
2000Marian Hilton
2001Stephen Royal
2002Marian Hilton
2003Marian Hilton
2004Martin Murray
2005David Goacher
2006Eric Soakell
2007David Goacher
2008Eric Soakell
2009Eric Soakell
2010Martin Murray
2011Richard Smith
2012Wayne Wiseman
2013Meriel Ellerby
2014Anthony Rackham
2015Martin MurrayJohn Phillips
2016Martin LeachMarian Hilton
2017David GoacherRichard Smith
2018David GoacherJim Gregory
2019Dom AarvoldStephen Royal
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Peter KirbyBob Whiffen
2022Wayne WisemanPeter Schillo

GC Level Singles

Winner: The David Goacher salver, Runner up: Silver Sugar scuttle

WinnerRunner Up
2016Marian HiltonRichard Smith
2017Richard SmithMartin Leach
2018Dave KibbleRichard Smith
2019Martin MurrayWayne Wiseman
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Dom AarvoldMartin Murray
2022Martin MurrayDom Aarvold

One-Ball Handicap

Winner: Large cup with black base, Runner up: Cup with black base

WinnerRunner Up
1990Andrew SymonsFrances Ransom
1991Roger JenkinsMargaret Pena
1992Raymond RansomAndrew Symons
1993Alan EvansMarian Hilton
1994Marian HiltonRosemary Gugan
1995David GoacherBridget Marsh
1996Edward DuckworthHamish Hall
1997Marian HiltonEdward Duckworth
1998Dave KibbleJoyce Bleach
1999Donald GuganRoger Jenkins
2000David GoacherRoger Jenkins
2001David GoacherMoyra mcConnell
2002Barbara EvansBridget Marsh
2003David GoacherBarbara Evans
2004David GoacherRoger Jenkins
2005David GoacherJim Wilson
2006Edward DuckworthDave Kibble
2007Edward DuckworthMike Davis
2008Edward DuckworthAndrew Wise
2009Edward DuckworthMarcus Evans
2010Edward DuckworthMarcus Evans
2011Robert WilkinsonAndrew Wise
2012Ed DuckworthRobert Wilkinson
2013Ed DuckworthPete Trimmer
2014Pete TrimmerMarylyn Phillips
2015Ed DuckworthRobert Wilkinson
2016Ed DuckworthMike Salisbury
2017David GoacherEd Duckworth
2018David EnticknapRichard Williamson
2019Dom AarvoldDes Wakely
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Neil KingstonDavid Goacher
2022Peter SchilloDom Aarvold

The Ormerod Cup (AC Handicap)

Contributed towards by Club Members in memory of the services to the Club of former Presidents, Dr G L Ormerod and Mrs V Ormerod.

Winner: Ormerod Cup, Runners up: Tankard

WinnerRunner Up
1983David GoacherRaymond Ransom
1984David GoacherMark Suter(J)
1985John McCulloughRoger Jenkins
1986Ken HawkesRoger Jenkins
1987Edward Duckworth (J)John McCullough
1988Mark JamesRoger Jenkins
1989Frances RansomRaymond Ransom
1990David GoacherSimon Dicken(J)
1991David GoacherEdward Duckworth (S)
1992Hamish HallDavid Farrimond (S)
1993Edward Duckworth (S)Keith Marsh
1994Mark JamesRosemary Gugan
1995David GoacherRosemary Gugan
1996Edward DuckworthDonald Gugan
1997Marian HiltonMargaret Pena
1998Marian HiltonDavid Goacher
1999George GreenLisa Jones & Sally Green
2000Rachel ScottMargaret Pena & Frances Ransom
2001Hamish HallDeirdre Duggan
2002Edward HuxleyFrances Ransom
2003Rosemary GuganBarbara Watson
2004Edward HuxleyPeter Willoughby
2005Jill HathawayLawrie Webster
2006David GoacherSheila Clabburn
2007Anthony CamachoJohn Wells
2008Bernard WilsonJohn Wells
2009Rosemary GuganBill Britton
2010Anthony CamachoWayne Wiseman
2011Gill PocockWayne Wiseman
2012Margo SoakellDeirdre Duggan
2013Bob ScottWayne Wiseman
2014Margo SoakellAndrew Wise
2015Anthony RackhamMargo Soakell
2016David GoacherPhil Seymour
2017Bob ScottMartin Leach
2018David GoacherGill Pocock
2019David GoacherMarian Hilton & Mike Salisbury (jt.)
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Neil KingstonPeter Kirby
2022David GoacherAnthony Rackham

Secretary's Plate (AC Handicap)

Metal plate (not silver), about the size of a side plate. Piecrust edging, engraved scroll-work.

Handicap: 24

WinnerRunner Up
1985Gwyneth MerrettMary Dudley
1986Joan BishopRoma Verver
1987George GreenHenry Furze
1988Nicola Currie(J)Rebecca Dicken
1989Sally GreenLinda Currie(J)
1990Helen TaylorRex Saunders
1991Keith MarshBridget Marsh
1992Lisa JonesNaomi Green(J)
1993Rachel ScottJudy Ballard
1994Frank ClabburnJohn Pach
1995Antony AldersonLinda Pach
1996Sheila ClabburnMary Hayes
1997Kum Yul AlboneBarbara Bennett
1998Marjorie YeoMaurice Yeo
1999Not Played
2000Yvonne DavisHazel Trapnell
2001Not played
2002Roy DaviesJohn Grenfell
2003Meriel EllerbyJohn Grenfell
2004Mary WebsterVicky Morgan
2005Gill Pocock-
2006Margo SoakellGillian Joomun
2007Denis EvansHarold Eckert
2008John PhillipsPaul Flay
2009Peter CarpenterJoan Littlewood
2010Phil SeymourChris Frew
2011Chris FrewBob Whiffen
2012Not Played
2013David PinneyPat Thomson
2014Derek StanleyColin Sara
2015Isobel SaraMick Brown
2016Mike ChanDon Thomson
2017Not Played
2018Jeremy Floyd
2019Not Played
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021 Not Played
2022 Not Played

Short Croquet (Handicap)

Winner: Sammons cup, Runner up: Silver sugar tongs

WinnerRunner Up
1989Donald GuganMonica Catling
1990Raymond RansomBen Green
1991Raymond RansomBarbara Evans
1992Ron FaulknerKen Hawkes
1993Hamish HallRon Faulkner
1994Ron FaulknerKeith Marsh
1995Donald GuganRachel Scott
1996Lisa JonesDonald Gugan
1997Margaret PenaMarian Hilton
1998Marian HiltonStephen Royal
1999Donald GuganMary Hayes
2000Not Played
2001Stephen RoyalMary Hayes
2002Sheila ClabburnMoyra McConnell
2003Rosemary GuganMarian Hilton
2004Rosemary GuganFrances Ransom
2005Stephen RoyalLawrie Webster
2006Meriel EllerbyMary Webster
2007Mike SalisburyEric Soakell
2008Eric SoakellLawrie Webster
2009Meriel EllerbyLawrie Webster
2010Marian HiltonWayne Wiseman
2011Donald GuganAnthony Camacho
2012Wayne WisemanEric Soakell
2013Anthony CamachoMarian Hilton
2014Derek StanleyEric Soakell
2015Marian HiltonDeirdre Duggan
2016Mike SalisburyMeriel Ellerby
2017Richard JacksonMarian Hilton
2018Chris FrewWayne Wiseman
2019Meriel EllerbyEd Morris
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Anthony RackhamPeter Kirby
2022Dave KibbleRichard Williamson

The West Of England Cup (AC Level Advanced)

Winner: Rose Bowl, Runner up: Sauce Boat

Rose Bowl presented in 1948 by Capt. W. Vaughan-Jenkins. Since about 1990 played as a Draw and Process.

WinnerRunner Up
1949Mr F W Ward
1950Mr F W Ward
1951Capt. W Vaughan-Jenkins
1952Mr F W Ward
1953Capt. W Vaughan-Jenkins
1954Mr F W Ward
1955Dr G L Ormerod
1956Mr H A D Stanton
1957Dr G L Ormerod
1958Dr G L OrmerodMr H A D Stanton
1959Mr W P OrmerodMr H L Ormerod
1960Mr W P OrmerodMiss K Ault
1961Mr W P OrmerodDr G L Ormerod
1962Dr W P OrmerodDr G L Ormerod
1963Mr H A D Stanton
1964Mr J Simon
1965Dr W P OrmerodMr N Aspinall
1966Mr J SimonMr A C Jupe
1967Mr J Simon
1968Mr J SimonMiss K Ault
1969Col P N R HallwardMr C G Rich
1970Mr R I SykesMr H A D Stanton
1971Mr A C JupeCol. P N R Hallward
1972Mr L LathamMiss K Ault
1973Mr L LathamCol. P N R Hallward
1974Mr L LathamMiss K Ault
1975Mr L LathamCol. P N R Hallward
1976Mr L LathamMr W A Scarr
1977Mr H A D StantonCol. P N R Hallward
1978Mrs N CoetzeeMr W A Scarr
1979Mr J R McCulloughMr W A Scarr
1980John McCulloughBill & Sheila Scarr (jt)
1981Martin MurrayJohn McCullough
1982John McCulloughMartin Murray
1983Martin MurrayJohn McCullough
1984John McCulloughMartin Murray
1985Martin MurrayJohn McCullough
1986David GoacherJohn McCullough
1987David GoacherJohn McCullough
1988John MannDavid Goacher
1989David GoacherRaymond Ransom
1990David GoacherMartin Murray
1991David GoacherMrs F Ransom
1992David GoacherMartin Murray & Edward Duckworth (jt.)
1993David GoacherRaymond Ransom & Terry Ballard (jt.)
1994David GoacherNigel Mottram
1995David GoacherEdward Duckworth
1996David GoacherRaymond Ransom & Roger Jenkins (jt.)
1997David GoacherRoger Jenkins
1998David GoacherEdward Duckworth
1999Edward DuckworthDavid Goacher
2000Edward DuckworthDavid Goacher
2001David GoacherEdward Duckworth
2002Edward DuckworthDave Kibble
2003David GoacherRoger Jenkins
2004Edward DuckworthJames Dixon
2005Dave KibbleDavid Goacher
2006Edward DuckworthJames Dixon
2007David GoacherEdward Duckworth
2008Kriss ChambersDavid Goacher
2009Marcus EvansEd Duckworth
2010Edward DuckworthMartin Murray
2011Edward DuckworthDavid Goacher
2012David GoacherEd Duckworth
2013Pete TrimmerEd Duckworth
2014Ed DuckworthDavid Goacher
2015Martin MurrayRobert Wilkinson
2016Ed DuckworthRobert Wilkinson & David Goacher (jt.)
2017David GoacherDave Kibble
2018Ed DuckworthDavid Goacher
2019David GoacherEd Duckworth & Richard Smith (jt.)
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Ed DuckworthDavid Goacher
2022Dave KibbleDavid Goacher

American (AC Handicap Singles)

Winner: Silver Inkstand - presented in 1928 by S.T.Jey Esq., Runner up: Cigarette box

WinnerRunner Up
1928Rev W B Anstey
1929Rev F C WalmsleyMrs Pascoe
1930Rev F C Walmsley
1931Mr W Evans-LintonMiss Cass
1932Mr S T Jey
1933Rev F G Walmsley
1934Mr G Yeoman
1935Dr Hastings MooreMrs Murgatroid
1936-39not played
1940Dr R M Tasker
1941W B Edgar
1942Miss L NewmanMr W B Edgar
1943Miss L NewmanMrs W B Edgar
1944Mr C L TivyMiss L Newman
1945Mr W B Edgar
1946Miss TivyRev F G Walmsley
1947Miss TivyMiss L Newman
1948Miss L Newman
1949Not Played
1950Miss K AultCapt. W Vaughan-Jenkins
1951Miss K AultDr G L Ormerod
1952Rev F G WalmsleyDr G L Ormerod
1953Rev F G Walmsley
1954Miss K Ault
1955Rev F G Walmsley
1956Miss K Ault
1957Mr W P Ormerod
1958Mr H L OrmerodMiss L Newman
1959Miss K AultRev F G Walmsley
1960Dr G L OrmerodMiss K Ault
1961Mr C Brent-SmithMiss K Ault
1962Miss L NewmanDr G L Ormerod
1963Mrs M Brent-SmithMiss D Day
1964Mr J Simon
1965Mr N AspinallMr J Simon
1966Mr J SimonMrs M Brent-Smith
1967Mrs V R Jupe
1968Mrs V R OrmerodMiss D Day
1969Col P N R HallwardMr W Trevor-Johnson
1970Mr A C JupeMr W Trevor-Johnson
1971Mr L LathamMr A C Jupe
1972Mrs M ScottLady Porter
1973Mr C B SnowdonMr L Latham
1974Mr L LathamMr W A Scarr
1975Mr W J EgglestonC B Casson
1976Mr W A ScarrLady E Porter
1977Mrs S M ScarrLady Porter
1978Mr W A ScarrMr J R McCullough
1979Mrs S M ScarrMr J R McCullough
1980Roy GoodwinJohn McCullough
1981John McCulloughLady Elena Porter
1982Roger TribeWalter Young
1983Roy GoodwinJohn Grimshaw
1984Rosemary GuganJohn Jeffrey
1985Roger JenkinsBruce Bleach
1986John GrimshawRoger Sampson
1987Raymond RansomRoger Jenkins
1988Hamish HallKen Hawkes
1989Martin AnsellRosemary Gugan
1990Ben Green (J)Martin Ansell
1991Ben Green (J)Hamish Hall
1992Paul ScottDavid Farrimond
1993Nigel MottramDonald Gugan
1994Stephen RoyalBob Scott
1995David GoacherFrances Ransom
1996Frances RansomBob Scott
1997Dick ThorpeRosemary Gugan
1998Edward DuckworthAlex Leggate
1999Rosemary GuganGeorge Green
2000Edward HuxleyDeirdre Duggan
2001Richard HuxleyRex Saunders
2002Jill HathawayEdward Huxley
2003Marian HiltonSheila Clabburn
2004Stephen RoyalBarbara Watson
2005Mary HayesEdward Huxley
2006Frances RansomMeriel Ellerby
2007John WellsSheila Clabburn
2008Eric SoakellJohn Wells
2009Andrew WiseMarian Hilton
2010Mike SalisburyMargo Soakell
2011Nigel JethaGill Pocock
2012Bob ScottJill Hathaway
2013Stephen RoyalEd Duckworth
2014Pete TrimmerGill Pocock
2015Derek StanleyMeriel Ellerby
2016Chris FrewDerek Stanley
2017David GoacherMargo Soakell
2018David GoacherMartin Leach
2019Dom AarvoldPeter Schillo
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Ed DuckworthNeil Kingston
2022Peter SchilloDavid Goacher

AC Handicap Doubles

Winner: Elena Porter candlesticks, Runner up: Silver napkin rings

WinnersRunners Up
1962Mrs M Brent-Smith & Mrs M Scott
1963Mr C Brent-Smith & Mrs M Gibbons
1964No resultNo result
1965Miss K Ault & Col P N R Hallward
1966Mr J Simon & Mrs Trevor-Jones
1967-78No competitionNo competition
1979Miss J Beveridge & Mr J McCullough
1980Mr J McCullough & Mrs Y Taylor
1981Mr M Davies & Mrs S M Scarr
1982John McCullough & Eleanor Massey
1983John McCullough & Dorothy Williams
1984Raymond Ransom & Wynel Rees
1985John McCullough & Roma Verver
1086Roger Sampson & Ann Sammons
1987Barbara Evans & Lady Elena Porter
1988Frances Ransom & Don Howell
1989Edward Duckworth & Margaret Pena
1990Raymond Ransom & Joan Bishop
1991Raymond Ransom &Keith Marsh
1992Rosemary Gugan & Bernard Wilson
1993Raymond Ransom & John Askew
1994Nigel Mottram & Monica Catling
1995Donald Gugan & Barbara Evans
1996Marian Hilton & Peter Willoughby
1997Donald Gugan & Barbara Evans
1998Bob Scott & Ian McCormick-Smith
1999Marian Hilton & Mary Hayes
2000Marian Hilton & Jill Hathaway
2001Sally Green & Brian BassettDonald Gugan & Barbara Evans
2002Anthony Camacho & Betty Cornes TomkinsEdward Huxley & Richard Huxley
2003Donald Gugan & Barbara EvansAnthony Camacho & Betty C. T.
2004Rosemary Gugan & Lawrie WebsterHamish Hall & Mary Webster
2005Martin Murray & John HennEric Soakell & Mary Hayes
2006Lisa Jones & Jill HathawayMargaret Pena & Kum Yul Albone
2007Mike & Barbara WatsonLawrie & Mary Webster
2008Eric & Margo SoakellRosemary Gugan & Jim Wilson
2009Martin Murray & John HennEric & Margo Soakell
2010Donald Gugan & Nigel JethaLisa Jones & Jill Hathaway
2011Eric Soakell & Margo SoakellDonald Gugan & Nigel Jetha
2012Lisa Jones & Jill HathawayFrances Ransom & Don Thomson
2013Anthony Camacho & Betty Cornes TomkinsJill Hathaway & Rosemary Scott
2014Dave Kibble & Derek StanleyGill Pocock & Shiela Beecroft
2015Deirdre Duggan & Derek StanleyShiela Beecroft & David Goacher
2016Rashid Joomun & Mike SalisburyAnnie & Chris Frew
2017Lisa Bailey & Jill HathawayMargo & Eric Soakell
2018Marian Hilton & Margo SoakellLinda Shaw & Martin Leach
2019Richard Jackson & Dom AarvoldEric Soakell & David Woodward
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Margo Soakell & Ann FraserPeter Kirby & Ed Morris
2022Dave Kibble & Linda ShawMarian Hilton & Neil Kingston

14-Point AC Handicap

Winner: Cup, engraved BCC, Runner up: Small cream jug

WinnerRunner Up
2001Donald GuganMarian Hilton
2002Moyra McConnellDeirdre Duggan
2003Deirdre DugganBarbara Watson
2004Barbara EvansBarbara Watson
2005Barbara WatsonRobert Johnson
2006Eric SoakellMeriel Ellerby
2007Gill PocockLawrie Webster
2008John WellsMike Salisbury
2009Meriel EllerbyJohn Wells
2010Wayne WisemanEric Soakell
2011Eric SoakellPhil Seymour
2012Deirdre DugganJill Hathaway
2013Shiela BeecroftDeirdre Duggan
2014Phil SeymourJohn Wells
2015Bob WhiffenDeirdre Duggan
2016Bob WhiffenPhil Seymour
2017Martin LeachChris Frew
2018Phil SeymourWayne Wiseman
2019Wayne WisemanDes Wakely
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Neil PurchaseBob Whiffen
2022Linda ShawJohn Phillips

14-Point AC Advanced

WinnerRunner Up
2001David GoacherDonald Gugan
2002Marian HiltonHamish Hall
2003Rosemary GuganMarian Hilton
2004Edward HuxleyHamish Hall
2005Edward HuxleyMarian Hilton
2006Edward HuxleyRosemary Gugan
2007Rosemary GuganHamish Hall
2008Rosemary GuganAnthony Camacho
2009Rosemary GuganHamish Hall
2010John WellsEric Soakell
2011Eric SoakellAndrew Wise
2012Anthony CamachoRosemary Gugan
2013Andrew WiseWayne Wiseman
2014Richard SmithJohn Wells
Not Played

Class Events: AC High Handicaps

Handicaps: 1992-1994 16-22, 1995-1996 18-22, 1997-1997 15-22, 1998-1999 18-23, 2000-2002 18-22, 2003-2018 16-22, 2019- 16-24

Winner: John Phillips salver, Runner up: Tankard

WinnerRunner Up
1987Joyce BleachGwyneth Merrett
1988Michael RogersSimon Dicken
1989Ben Green (J)Sue Turnbull (now Bray)
1990Marian HiltonGwynn Doyle
1991Ron FaulknerJohn Phillips
1992Andrew WiseBob Scott
1993Lisa JonesJoyce Bleach
1994Peter WilloughbyJudy Ballard
1995Bernard WilsonJohn Phillips
1996Topsy OxenhamDick Thorpe
1997Frank ClabburnAntony Alderson
1998Mary HayesIan McCormick-Smith
1999Deirdre DugganBarbara Watson
2000Richard HuxleyMary Hayes
2001Moyra McConnellBetty Cornes Tomkins
2002Stephen MarriageBetty Cornes Tomkins
2003Mike DavisAnthony Camacho
2004Richard WilliamsonMike Davis
2005Richard WilliamsonMike Davis
2006Mike WatsonRoy Davies
2007Mike SalisburyJohn Wells
2008John HennBill Britton
2009Nigel JethaDavid Brown
2010John HennVicky Stocks
2011Antony AldersonPhil Seymour
2012Bob WhiffenDavid Enticknap
2013Paul ChurchTim Knight
2014Pam JenkinsDes Wakely
2015Pam JenkinsPat Whiffen
2016Colin SaraLesley Reed
2017Pat WhiffenIsobel Sara
2018Ed MorrisDom Aarvold
2019Peter KirbyAnn Fraser
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Ann FraserJohn Phillips
2022Ann FraserChristine Moore

The High-Bisquers' AC Handicap

Handicap: 9+ Bisque arrangement for competitions changed after 1988

WinnerRunner Up
1950Dr G L OrmerodMr A R Munro
1951Mr H A D StantonMiss C Stanton
1952Miss C StantonMrs V Ormerod
1955Not completed
1956Miss Base
1957Mr C G Rich
1958Miss B E Setter
1959Mr C Brent-Smith
1960Mrs V OrmerodMr H Bennet
1961Mrs M Brent-SmithMiss C Freeman
1962Mr W Trevor-JohnsonMr C Brent-Smith
1963Mr J Simon
1965Mr C A JupeCol. P N R Hallward
B-Level winnerC-Level winner
1966Mr C A Jupe
1967Col. P N R Hallward
1968Col. P N R HallwardMrs V Ormerod
1969Mr R I SykesMrs V Jupe
1970Mrs M KitchenMiss B E Setter
1971Mr L LathamMrs M Brent-Smith
1972Mrs M KitchenMiss D Day
1973Mrs M ScottLady E Porter
1974Mr W A ScarrMrs V Jupe
1975Mr W J EgglestonMrs M Kitchen
1976Lady E PorterMrs M Kitchen
1977Mrs S ScarrMrs M Kitchen
1978Mr J R McCulloughMr S Lyus
1979Mr R E WebbMr S Lyus
1980Roy GoodwinJohn Phillips
1981Lady E PorterJohn Phillips
1982Raymond RansomJohn Phillips
1983Rosemary GuganBarbara Ashford
1984Frances RansomJohn Massey
1985Ken HawkesRoger Jenkins
1986Alvar Bray (S)Roger Sampson
1987Edward Duckworth (J)Hamish Hall
1988Andrew PotterHamish Hall

Class Event: AC Middle Handicaps

Handicaps: 1993-1994: 7-14, 1995-1997: 7-16, 1998-2002: 10-17, 2003-2012: 9-14, 2013-2014: 10-14, 2015- 9-14

Winner: Anthony Camacho salver, Runner up: Large cream jug

WinnerRunner Up
1989Nicola Currie (J)Alan Evans
1990Sue BraySally Green
1991Joyce BleachMarian Hilton
1992Sue BrayDavid Farrimond (S)
1993Nigel Mottram (S)Andrew Wise
1994Margaret PenaBen Fawcett
1995Lisa JonesBarbara Evans
1996Naomi GreenJohn Ewins
1997Peter WilloughbyLisa Jones
1998Keith MarshSheila Clabburn
1999Rex SaundersTopsy Oxenham
2000Not Played
2001Mary HayesStephen Royal
2002Deirdre DugganSheila Clabburn
2003Stephen RoyalMary Hayes
2004Stephen MarriageSheila Clabburn
2005Eric SoakellMeriel Ellerby
2006Anthony CamachoLawrie Webster
2007Andrew WiseDick Thorpe
2008Andrew WiseJill Hathaway
2009Mike SalisburyBill Britton
2010Wayne WisemanMargo Soakell
2011Gill PocockWayne Wiseman
2012Mike WatsonMargo Soakell
2013Margo SoakellJill Hathaway
2014Phil SeymourAnthony Rackham
2015Jill HathawayMeriel Ellerby
2016Derek StanleyPhil Seymour
2017Bob WhiffenTim Knight
2018Mike SalisburyPhil Seymour
2019Dom AarvoldDes Wakely
2020COVID-19Not Played
2021Des WakelyMike Chan
2022Des WakelyEd Morris

Class Events: AC A-Level

Handicaps: 1998-2002 -2-1½ - See West of England competition.

WinnerRunner Up
1998Edward DuckworthAlex Leggate
1999David GoacherAlex Leggate
2000David GoacherEdward Duckworth
2001David GoacherRoger Jenkins
2002Dave KibbleDavid Goacher

Croquet England Open Competitions Winners

Year The Latham Cup
The John McCullough Challenge Trophy
The Barbara Evans Trophy
Advanced, B-Level
1981E Bell  
1982H Watson  
1983R Race  
1984Reg Bamford  
1985David Goacher  
1986S W Packer  
1987Ed Duckworth  
1988A P Sammons  
1989Ed Duckworth  
1990Michael PooleRoger Jenkins 
1991H S WilliamsAlan Bogle 
1992Ed DuckworthDavid Goacher 
1993S F WakehamDavid Goacher 
1994Kriss ChambersAndrew Symons 
1995Kriss ChambersChris Patmore 
1996Peter DykeDavid Goacher 
1997James DixonAndrew Symons 
1998Tony BackhouseTerry Burge 
1999Tony BackhouseChris PatmoreLouise Bradforth
2000Margaret PenaDave KibbleGail Curry
2001Chris CrowcroftDavid Harrison-WoodRichard Smith
2002David GillettPete TrimmerFrances Ransom
2003John ChristmasDavid GoacherMark Miller
2004Brian ShorneyDavid MaughamEdward Huxley
2005David GillettDavid MaughamRosemary Gugan
2006Deirdre DugganRutger BeijderwellenMark Lloyd
2007David GillettDavid GoacherDennis Graham
2008Robert MossDavid GoacherMark Lloyd
2009Barry MarshEd DuckworthPauline Reid
2010Gillian PocockChris PatmoreRosemary Gugan
2011Gillian PocockMarcus EvansAndrew Wise
2012No TournamentKriss ChambersLuc Berthouze
2013Caroline DennyPete TrimmerDerek Knight
2014Frances RansomDave KibbleTim Jolliff
2015Philip SeymourEd DuckworthFlooded
2016Colin HemmingDavid GoacherJonathan Wolfe
2017Mike TracyEd DuckworthEric Soakell
2018Colin BrittMark SuterJames Galpin
2019Gillian PocockMark SuterGeoff Hughes
2021Not PlayedPete TrimmerAdam Moliver
2022Wendy WuDuncan ReeveDavid Hunt

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