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Club Etiquette

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Conventions, Customs, and Good Manners

Please refer also to the Court Booking Guidance.


Casual comfortable clothes are worn for most occasions but "whites" are conventionally worn for league matches, tournaments and some club competitions - and always on our finals weekend.

Flat-soled shoes must be worn on the lawns - that is, with no heel - the sole and the heel should be one flat surface. Normal trainers are acceptable. Avoid smooth soles, which can slip on wet grass.

The Croquet England Regulations specify that in tournaments "predominantly white clothing should be worn" and that "in team events, such as inter-club events, teams may wear other colours of clothing, provided all team members (other than those wearing white) are wearing the same design."

Preparing to Play

When playing in inter-club competitions or tournaments at the club or elsewhere you should take particular care to:

The Preliminaries

On the Court

Fundamental to croquet is the principle that each player is the referee of their own play. This duty remains even in games with an external referee. So, know the Rules of GC (especially Rule 16 Behaviour) and/or the Laws of AC (especially Part 4 Conduct of the game).

Note in particular:



See the guide section Double-Banking.

At the End of the Game

Sports-person-ship always prevails - no gloating or sulking thank you very much.

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.