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Croquet is fun but it is also a sport, so the Club encourages members to strive to improve their play. The momentum for this has to come from inside ourselves, but help is at hand!

We have an enthusiastic coaching team led by Bob Whiffen (AC) and David Enticknap (GC) - do discuss your coaching needs with them.

Players drive their own improvement and are encouraged to discuss their play, share ideas and seek advice. This page gives reference to some resources that support this.

For those who've completed our Beginners' course, further coaching will be arranged to lead to the Beginners' Competition which is held towards the end of the season, but everyone is encouraged to develop their game. These are some of the ways we suggest:

ball rack

As your play develops you should consider becoming a coach yourself. Talk to one of the lead coaches to discuss this.


Association Croquet

Golf Croquet


Useful fact: In coaching notes, "the player of blue and black" is often written as Babs, with Ray (Red and Yellow) as the opponent. Common abbreviations are B (blue), K (black), R (red), Y (yellow).

For more information, please email Chris Frew, who will be happy to help.